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Audatex Platform

A Cloud-based Claims and Collision Repair Estimation Platform
Designed to streamline vehicle damage assessment
A data-driven,intelligent and professional estimation platform offering extraordinary efficiency

Why Audatex ?

VIN Identification

enter the 17 digit VIN code to identify the precise vehicle model

Audatex use OEM sourced part data, allowing users to simply enter a VIN and appropriate option to receive accurate parts numbers, pricing and labor times for makes/models. Timely part price updates guarantee that estimates have the latest OE part pricing information.

Damage Capture

graphic based damaged part selection

Locating and selecting damaged parts has never been easier. With a intuitive vehicle graphics area and well designed navigation, damage capture can be done within mins.

Smart Calculation

built-in repair logic to include relevant labor hours

Smart calculation feature calculates correct labor time for a task that supports multiple, related parts. Our intelligent database accounts for duplicate labor operations and labor on related adjacent parts for the highest labor accuracy.

Intelligent Repair Estimator

easy damage capture by drawing with a scientific formula

Audatex puts computerised estimating and imaging as an essential and integral part of the motor claims process, we use formula and technology to revolutionise the repair and motor claims business.

3D Intelligent Graphics

intuitive and powerful features to minimize assessment time

Our 2D/3D vehicle graphics drive a faster, more accurate estimate. 360-degree rotation, unlimited zoom, and color-coded parts allow an estimator to find and select the right parts faster.

Data Connection

paperless transfer of information internally and externally

Audatex facilitates communication and transfer of information between business partners, supporting compliance management and resulting in improved cycle time and an overall increase in productivity.

Audatex offers an intuitive,intelligent and super-efficient digital platform to optimize workflow, increase productivity & profitability
We deliver a competitive edge for your organization with extraordinary brand experience

Smart Estimation On-the-Go